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Installation Manual~LED Underwater light

jone / 2013-08-02

Correct the moonlight into water~install the led underwater light in live bait tank

As a common sense of weekender with a hobby of night fishing , a high quality led under water light is the essential and convenient representative, promising a good view inside the live bait tank even at dark. And if you are a new guy into the night-fishing enthusiast group and find no way to mount it, here is the tutorial step by step. 


G'day !! The light is the lead today, hope you would like it like me ~fish Momo .



Premise: make the total list of available tools in advance.
•LED underbody Light
•Electric Drill
•According to the material like stainless steel hardware or solid plastic.
•Hammer and nail.For open the mounting hole on the rugged surface.
•Or even cutter to open hole if the material is in thin plastic.
•Silicone sealant
•Direct ruler
•Oil pen
•Vernier caliper


1 step: Pick out the vernier caliper to measure the diameter of cylindrical end for underbody light
Length Measurement
2 step: Mark the mounting circle track
Size Circle

3step: Open hole. Choose appropriate ways to bring the hole into existence, mainly according to the manufacturing material, such as stainless steel, rugged polyethylene or even the cheap plastic. If the two previous ones catched your eyes, just make a pitting ,then drill with steady and slow operation, only for the drill in the expected drilling track in control. If the latter cheap one is your choice, use a cutter can put the hole through.

Slow and steady operation
4 step: Wiring connection. Please check electricity proper for your light ,due to the variety of battery on board and the underwater light. And remember Red for "+" and Black for "-", everything should strictly accord with the manual from the manufacturer , and if so amateur are you, please make a direct call to professional electrician.
5 step: Rotate the led underwater light till the end. Leave terminal invisible for the view to interior room.
Mounting pattern by rotation
6 step: Apply appropriate silicone sealant around the cutting edge, only for the waterproof function. Please check if there is any leak after sealing in case of water or electricity leakage.
Silicone seal
7 step: Open the power source to check illumination after sealant's solidification, check the lighting ahead of real application, if it seems to be not work well with flash or even light out.Check the procedures above.
Check the lighting
8 step: Turn on the water or even release lures into tank.
Live bait in
9 step: Light's on to enjoy the hard work .
Fish's joy under blue world
Just try ! the LED Underwater LIGHT FOR LIVE BAIT TANK, its superiority with the moonlight shining is believed to be a lure for you and also the fish. You can not help liking it once you have access to the lovely light!

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