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Way back to daylight~install led courtesy light in stairway

jone / 2013-08-23

Install a led courtesy light in stairway

~Way back into shinny avenue

Have ever some distinctive lighting out from the pedestrian catch your eyes?Turning the dark night into daylight,excellent lighting without eyestrain, perfectly match for the landscape usage with marvelous mood ambiance function?
More than charm
The highlight comes to be LED courtesy light this time, indeed ,it is not only boasting for the merits above but also take pride in the high energy efficiency, weather resistance of IP66, and of course easy DIY install for SMD design.
Here we will offer you the tutorial for mounting (stepwise):
1.Read the manual from the manufacturer, especially for the appropriate input voltage and the standing current.As our led courtesy light is in 12v DC, and if you want to make it accessible in household environment, connection with a transformer can be a better approach.
2.Determine the voltage and the limited current of the circuit panel that it can bear, if just replace the old fixture just put it down in the same voltage, while the mounting number is added up to several, you might as well to check whether the added current is beyond the limited current .
3.Shut down the circuit breaker panel before you settle off the work . Keep in mind that off-power beforehand is the safe principle in any electrical work that you should keep as a habit.
4.Display the whole tools and devices required for the stairway mounting.

NO.1: LED courtesy light
NO.2: Electricity drill
NO.3: Hole saw kit
(approximateΦ40mm is recommended )
NO.4: Oily pen
NO.5: Screw driver
NO.6: Mounting Screws
(4 pieces for each fixture)
NO.7: Ruler or vernier caliper
NO.8: Anti-dust respirator ,
glasses or buggy bag for collecting debris

Tool's exibition
5.Locate and mark the fix point,the oily pen ‘s unfading features can avoid the trouble of double marking in the mounting course. And the determination of marking point accords with the shape of the step ,if it is in wide step, the middle section of vertical is ideal mounting point which method is the most energy saving and best applied of light, while the step is in narrow shape, light fixture fixed aside on stairway wall is sufficient for brightening up the staircase, turning out to puring out a lighting column through each step.
Pick the proper install place and mark
6. Pick the proper hole saw and assemble kit . The size of the suitable hole saw tends to be kind of bigger than the light bottom diameter(40mm), which is for easy laying down and ventilation. The assemble procedures should be: mandrels, hole saw,press plate. Which are combined as a integral component ,and fasten it to the drill.
Easy measure and assamble
7. Drill.On the drilling course, slow and cautious control is in need for too large is hard to make up. While cutting holes , you make do a little retrofit or take a little device for collecting debris and dust ingress. Such as eyeglass, anti-respirator and a buggy bag.
Before & After
8.Wire the connection cables to the circuit panel. As the course has something to do with electricity, you can consult a professional electrician for conducive advices.
9. Screw up and press down the cover.
Screw up and cover back
10.Turn on the power and check the lighting output. As the pictures shows , silver, black and white are the color selections ,which can be matched with cool white or blue lighting. That is to say, 6 types are willing to be brought home.
Power on and check illumination
Does your stairway need a new face-lift? why not choose such a durable, energy- saving,easy installed LED courtesy light, which is stylish whilst functional. Heartbeat is not as good as action!
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