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Make acquaintance with LED CAMP Light

jone / 2013-09-04

Steps towards turf with a LED Camp Light
~ how to use the led camp light on camping trip
After a week’s fighting, anybody may have a bit heartbeat to indulge himself as a innocent kid in the vast hug of the nature, no one will recognize your perfect makeup, and even VALENTINO senior suit worths nothing compared to a reliable camping light at that time, which will be an entire highlight in the camping dark night. Can you imagine a tranquil night will be haunted with uncertain anxiety thanks to darkness?
The LED Camp Light
In case of such dispensable trouble, our 12v led camping lightscan give you a good choices, and the illustration below is all surrounded with its camping usage , may you enjoy it!
1. Quick power connection
The camp light is designed with fast cigarette connector ,which is able to make the direct connection to the cigarette connector hole for battery power, thanks to this incredible merits , as long as there is sufficient room for parking your dearling car, you can enjoy the excellent led lighting anywhere you like, turf , fishing pool or even the seaside you prefer, which is absolutely different from the traditional battery source or solar panel, the battery source can guarantee the stable light working provided the oil tank is filled and ignore the weather report.
The fast way for seize power
2.Easy carry and collection.
All the fixture will be in a one mini package, and the total weight is just 500g , light enough for the portable carry at random.Thanks to its folding strip construction and all the accessories are in the integral connection . That is to say , all the components can be rolled up together inside the package at the same time for a quick finish.
Collection at simple floding
3.Flexible installation terms
There are two ways to satisfy personal favor of installation, including movable hooks and Velcro wrap. You can stretch your imagination for where it can be applied, aside from the general applications like under awning, caravan interior accent light, tent lighting, etc. As it is in a rather board application as long as the connection wire is long enough and there is a supporting point.
  • Movable hook, as you view, this is hook on the awning, the enclosed pictures shows what the result like, note that the hook is not long enough to reach for the awning edge, hence,it is time for movable hook to show up, the hook is connected with velcro wrap, every detach can do every length adjustment. But the total length of the wrap is 170mm and the lamp body is in 1200mm. You can make a round estimation before you decide to choose the hook to hang the led camp light .
Movable hook
  • Velcro wrap is in great help for consolidation. Just wrap the Velcro wrap around the fixing rope, and the mounting amount can be judged by you, but the recommended numbers is 2 to 3 pieces, as you can see from the picture, the wraps are always stuck still on the body back. After that, just stick the 12v led camp lights on by ultra thin velcro wraps, which is in definite capability of supporting the weight without doubt.
Show off intelligent design
Velcro wrap
4.Dimmer switch for 3 brightness level
Finally ,we will check the lighting output by having access to the dimmer switch, as there are two buttons on the control panel, taking charge of three paused brightness.
Try once and have fun once
  • Press the right one alone is for the first bright cool white lighting.

  • Press the left one alone is for the double bright cool white lighting


  • All the buttons are on , the three level brightness for cool white lighting.
The Lighting output
Have a venture out for fresh air and free feeling? Take a minute to load a led camp light, your happy memory deserves to match the glorious lighting! Never leave a chance for regret to slip nearby.
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