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LED Awning strip light

Jenny / 2013-09-23

1. To test the LED awning strip light


Alled brand as we know the 12V LED Awning Light Cool White Waterproof Sliver Shell, it is 40 degrees downward illumination without light waste. Our company has just came out this new product for your interior and exterior applications, it is used as caravan, RV, marine, yacht, camper trailer, mini -motor- home and so on, Special triangle body design is an innovational idea for a more efficient light illumination, two waterproof plugs function at the both ends of the light for your needs. To dissipate heat with sliver painted aluminum housing designed it more easily. Such brightness light with 350 to 750lumens and long working life span, the main thing is to replace your traditional awning light, imaging such a good product but what's the light luminosity and how it looks like? is it brightness enough for usual working life? Compare other lights what is the exactly level it could be? with these questions our group went a warehouse for a test compare to another LED strip light.According to the Angle set from zero, 30, 45 degrees.



2. Firstly we choose one product with almost same lumens compare to our LED awning light, and then we use measuring tape set a two meters high on the wall to put the test products with empty background, just to see the light's intensity. It is absolutely no disturb about the intensity. For this test we use DC Voltage Meter to connect the light products on the wall , Digital LUX Meter is used to test the brightness level for each test lights, We use the Angle to show the strength of the light, from product straightly to the lowest we call zero angle, we move the Digital LUX Meter face to the light products straightly more far from 30 to 45 angles.
For Digital Illuminance Meter no. TES-1332A uses a patented process to actually interpret the readings it gets, and gives you a far more precise measurement of the work light exactly value about how strong it is. It got America patent Des: 469,025. For Switch gear range we choose from 200,2000,20000,200000 LUX. Range of measurement 0.1LUX - 200000 LUX .Spectral Response is reached to CIE Photopic standard.


3. The exactly Intensity value about LED strip test lights you can see it as below, For the result it has no doubt about it.

NO. A1 A2
0013512C 0013603C
shape Strip light Strip light
color Cool white Cool white
Shelf color white white
wattage 6 2.5/5.3
Intensity(angle set) record at two distances
zero angle 19.8 11.8
30angles 15.8 14.4
45angles 8.8 11


4. Compare the intensity according to the angle distance set between A1 and A2
For A1 Awning strip light.

It is strip light, cool white color, shelf color white, wattage 6, 350 lumens with 12V DC. it is 255mm long strip light, as you can see the intensity value when we set zero angle then it is 19.8 ,30 angle 15.8, 45 angle 8.8. From this we can see that the distance can caused the strength of the light, if it is far then of course it is more lightly, but it can't be a problem for your needs, because no matter how far is the distance we set, you can still see clear about our warehouse right? Even for your working life or reading study life, it is not a problem for your needs. Besides this our company is especially designed for your convenient brightness life.


For A2 strip light


it is strip light also, same white color ,wattage for 2.5/5, same 350lumens with 12V DC also, it is 300mm long strip light, as you can see the intensity value result when we set zero angle it is 11.8, 30 angle for 14.4, 45 angle for 11.
From the intensity result the value is less than A1, from the lights we can see that it looks less brighter than A1 also. Same lumens, color, shape, test place, but it can be different intensity lights.


5. Summary
Our group had this test because of the brightness and high quality LED Awning strip light, no matter from the intensity value or compare the same lumens, we just want to improve that this No. A1 0013512C Awning strip light's intensity and no matter what was the situation and background, it is clear A1 is much brighter than A2.And according to the angle set, this light is brightness enough for your life needs.


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