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Monochromatic Flexible LED camping light

Jenny / 2013-09-27

Monochromatic Brightness Flexible camping light
Light it convenience!
Light it freedom!


1. This Great LED Monochromatic camping light is taking inspiration from the best innovative research and development company ALLED, such a charming light, to create the luminous camping light whose only magic lies in our high quality and brightness 72LEDs to charm and high quality material well-made waterproof designed protection. It has a range of applications to use as indoor and outdoor compatibility, such as tents, awnings, caravans, camper trailers and RV's and so on. It is super bright with 72 LEDs which use high quality inbuilt 5050 LEDs. The LED Flexible camping light emits such a great light output for 1200 lumens and is 1200mm in length. The most important feature is that it is waterproof to resist water, dust and moisture. The most important is that sensitive in the darker areas, it will become brighter, with a high-efficiently in working time. Such a durable LED light is used energy-saving, environment friendly, no flicker, no hurt the eyes, soft color, low power consumption and long life working span for your convenience.

2. Can anybody imagine if we back to thousand years ago, when it was no lights but full of darkness in anywhere you can see through, but now a days it's full of innovations technology LED lights ALLED brand in anywhere where you can see for your needs. Can anybody also imagine if we back to nature life just to exploring the surprising and amazing things which is totally different than normal life just to release after whole weeks working time? To have our Flexible Camping Light, such a charming and convenient light to bring you a piece and special night, we all have dreams and desire to live a wonderful life and a life that makes a difference to people.

A nifty three phases dimmer switch to choose the color from weak to strong brightness light level.1.5 times brightness level of a 60w incandescent light . If suddenly no power while you are on camping in the evening, how to do? Don't worry our high quality and well-made Cigarette connector for your flexible power charge, it's is pretty enough for the 5.5mm cable from your vehicle to your tents. You can get electricity as long as you need it. Best accessories for your convenience.

4. The usage of camping light accessories. Easy to tie the light up.


5.Imagine when you are happy mood on camping in a beautiful and amazing place, how wonderful at this kind of moment, especially in the evening, but suddenly the rain is falling down, does the light had waterproof designed or electricity caused dangerous protection? what to do and how to do? Don't worry if you use our LED flexible camping light this can be a solution about power off or even you could be in dangerous about electricity accident. This light it is with Waterproof rating IP44 high quality protection. You have no worry about sudden rain on camping, in the mean while you can just enjoy the romantic rain moment. Such light provide timely help.


6. If you go on camping, the main thing is to exploring the nature life with easy and relaxing mood, are you still taking the heavy bag with such bag which it's not portable for you to take?
"No ", from now on you don't have to be like that anymore. With our flexible, portable and petit handy bad, it is especially designed for your convenience.



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