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Different light sockets,basis and sizes

Jenny / 2013-12-20

1. To recognize the differences among light sockets. Do you have any ideas about Lamp sizes, bases, advantages and consumption?
I think anyone who had used LED Bulbs would know the name of the LED bulbs, but not everyone knows the meaning of LED lights names. It has its own regulation. For these questions as above, here are some of the LED
light sockets, which are used in domestic and vehicle. Directly easy installation to put on the lamp holder, to know the exactly lights sizes, we have used slide calipers to measure them. Describe the shapes, basis and features. To know the exactly meaning of LED lights' name, then distinguish them clearly. For its authenticity, we took some pictures as below for your reference.

● An introduction about "Lamp sizes and bases"
LED lamps usually are made that replace screw-in incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs, most of the
time it is used to replace the incandescent bulbs rated from 5 to 60 watts. This lamps are made with standard light bulb connections and shapes, example products like Edison screw base,
MR16 shape with a Bipin base, GU5.3 (Bipin cap) or GU10 (bayonet fitting). They are made compatible with the voltage supplied to the sockets.
●When its 2012 years time, there are some of LED lamps replaced higher wattage bulbs; for example, when one manufacturer claimed a 16-watt LED bulb, it was as same bright as a 150 W halogen lamp. A standard general-purpose incandescent bulb emits light at an efficiency of about 14 to 17 lumens, which counting on its size and voltage. According to the European Union standard, an energy-efficient bulb that claims to be the equivalent of
a 60 W tungsten bulb, it must have a minimum light output of 806 lumens.

2. A selection of consumer LED bulbs available in 2012 to 2013
as drop-in replacement for incandescent bulbs in screw-type sockets
Some models of LED bulbs are compatible with dimmers as used for incandescent lamps. LED lamps are directly
for easy installation. ALLED Bulbs have declined in cost from US$10 to $20 each now. These bulbs are more
power-efficiency than compact fluorescent bulbs or the traditional bulbs, it is absolutely long life spans of 30,000 even more hours, Incandescent bulbs only life for 1,000 hours, and compact fluorescents about 8,000 hours. The output LED light's intensity is much higher than them. Energy efficient LED bulbs especially drop less than 10%
after 6,000 or more hours of operation, or situation will not more than 15%.LED lamps have many colors available. The purchase price is higher than most of other lights, but the higher efficiency may make total cost of ownership (purchase price plus cost of electricity plus safety lighting usage plus cost saving and changing bulbs) lower.
There are many companies offer LED lamps for general lighting purposes. The technology is improving very fast,
and new energy-efficient consumer LED lamps are available to be seen soon.

3. B22 Bulb, bayonet Cap,(BC)
Other names: BC, BA22d, B22d, B22d-2
B22 bulb,B means Bayonet Cap, because it is socket B connector. So when you buy it you can easily figure out. This light has a metal cap with 2 pins on opposite sides. The number 22 in the name means to the width in millimeters of the cap's base. This bayonet light bulb can be mounted as standard fitting in many former members
of the British Empire, including the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Ireland, and New Zealand. Bayonet fittings
are available in various other sizes for automotive, domestic, office, exhibition and other specialized uses. B22 is designed to replace the traditional light bulbs, less consumption and long life span for 3000 hours feature. It is absolutely designed for your cost saving. This light can be mounted more than one piece within the circuit voltage limitation, its super bright light make the darkness far away. Such safety light construction with glass lampshade
to cover the light, to bring you a warm home is ensured.

● BA15D Bulb, BA15SBulb, small Bayonet Cap
Other names: SBC, BA15d, BA15, B15
As 15 means diameter for the Bayonet Cap. So it has its own size to connect.
D means double connector. S means single connector.
This bulb is a smaller 15mm version of the standard Bayonet fitting. These are smaller candle shaped globes.
It is commonly used in decorative, housing light fixtures, for example chandeliers. A great LED Bulb for vehicle applications like
indicator lighting, automotive rear, back-up, turning signal, tail lighting. It is mainly to replace the traditional bulbs. The outstanding LED BA15D Bulb, BA15S bulb are most used as vehicle brake light.
For thesame bright level, it consumes a little electricity comparing to halogen bulb, which results in longer car
battery usage time. Super bright 18 LEDs greatly guarantee your road safety. Besides that it has a faster response time for your vehicle requiring quicker response time. Just 0.5 seconds on the response time of the vehicle brake time will have great difference at the brake distance of a fast moving vehicle.

4. E27 Bulb, Edison Screw, (ES)
Common Commercial Available Edison Screws: E5, E10, E11, E12, E14, E17, E26, E27, E29, E39, E40.
As you know, E stands screw cap, 27 stands 2.7cm diameter.
This Edison screw fitting was developed by Thomas Edison. Edison has invented the first light globe in 1879.
Date from 1879 to 1900, there were no less than 15 different bulb base/socket configurations came into released by the brilliant, it is available on the market. But during the time from 1900 to 1905, for industry used Edison Screw, the standardised is ensured. Even until now, such version of this socket is still very popular for usage.
There are 2 versions of the 'standard' Edison screw fittings. E26 is the 26mm (1 inch) version, which is used in America with 110volt system.
E27 is the 27mm version. It is used in countries with 240V systems. Also E26 & E27
can be interchangeable, their small different size that can be used for either 26 or 27mm sockets. In the meanwhile,
if the globe's voltage level is different from what is supplied the globe, then it will happens either blow up, or be very dim. This light is directly for usage, common places to use for commercial and domestic. Super bright light is to
shine your life.

● E14, small Edison Screw, (SES)
E stands screw cap/ small Edison Screw, 14 stands diameter of screw fitting.
This bulb is Edison screw fitting to install with a 14mm version. This
LED E14 is designed to replace the
traditional E14Bulb, with a standard E14 connector, very easy to screw directly into the lamp holder. It is often
used for commercial and domestic applications. In the meanwhile, the outstanding advantage is that provides
heat dissipation construction for your house comfortable staying.

5. GU10 Bulb, (GU10 bipin socket)
This bulb is a 2 pin connectors with the pins 10mm apart diameter. For housing application, the main used
 for high voltage halogen downlights (110V or 240V). G means Glass for the original bulbs.
Technically speaking, this is a MR16 light with a GU10 base, below is the picture for your reference. But most
people name it as a GU10 bipin socket. This
LED GU10 bulb fits for a wide range of applications, such as
architectural lighting, amusement park lighting, display lighting, etc. A very easy installation and safety light construction for your convenient living condition.

6. MR16, (GU5.3)
MR16 actually stands for multifaceted reflector, and number 16 is the diameter. It is a 2 pin connector with the
pins 5.3mm apart. In household environment, it is mainly used for low voltage (12V) halogen down Light,

sometimes conjunction with a transformer.
A notice is that MR16 is actually with a GU5.3 base, so don't confuse about it.
It is a replaced bulb of the traditional MR16 halogen bulb. For replacement of the living room, bathroom and
kitchen, interior fittings and dome light, etc.
GU10, the pin connector and shape are much bigger than MR16Bulb. It is mainly used high voltage halogen downlights (110V or 240V) in households.







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