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LED Strip Light under bonnet/car hoot

Jenny / 2013-12-26

                     A creative idea to mount a LED Strip Light under your bonnet, car hoot
1. As everybody knows, when you drive a car, when there anything can be happened for your car engine, especially
when the evening comes, how will you choose a light as your engine illumination to fix the problems? Normally people use a kind of under bonnet worklight, flashlight or holding a torch. But now there is a new great idea that a LED Strip Light can be the best lightto mount under your bonnet as engine illumination service. Two kinds of color cool white and warm white for your fancy.Very simple to hook up for installation, then you can realize your lighting convenience.

2. Some people will say that why can I just mounted a worklight under bonnet with chargeable hooks? Of course you can mount it, but this LED strip light is better than that, because of the light is on an angle, if the bonnet is up and then it shines straight down onto the motor than in your eyes, it is better than to mount on a flat non angle surface. This light which is high quality light dissipation designed, it can be worked in such harsh environment. Easy installation can be welded for ongoing usage. As the LED equips in a FPC board, it's shape like a ribbon. Adjustable lighting length, each 3 LED chips capability of being cutting, without affecting the light. 12V DC low voltage input. High quality strip light construction to guarantee its working condition. Flat lighting patterns make it extremely bright. Two kinds of color cool white and warm white for your fancy. It is absolutely energy efficient light for your convenient cost saving. Now you may have a question about "How do the strips handle the heat under the bonnet?" For this question, as below are the installation methods suggestion and finishing pictures for your reference. Some tips for you to concern.

3. Tools needed:
15amp single throw on/off toggle switch, inline fuse with 2amp fuse or a 2Amp fuse on the positive line, upgraded 16 gauge speaker wire positive and negative, black electrical tape, 16-18 gauge butt splices and ring terminals, 1 or 2 LED Strip Light (cut off and left about 4in-6in of the led positive and negative wires and adds 16 gauge wires or according
to your hoot sizes requirement to cut), clamp forceps.

4. Installation information, suggestion and tips for your reference.

●Firstly put the mercury switch in the original light location, you can use the screw that held the original light in place. Then wire the negative wire for the light through the mercury switch, after this, ran the wires up the center of the hood in a heat shrink. Use 3m body molding tape to stick the LED Strip light for underside of the hood. The heat under the hood will not affect the life of the LED's.

●A suggestion, with the high under bonnet temps, there will be mud, dirt, water from 4WDing, it probably the adhesive on the strip will come unstuck. You can try to put a small bit of glue, silicone on the strip to make sure it stays fixing.
● It is going from half way down the passenger side of the bonnet all the way round to the same spot on the drivers side and light it up like day under there at night.
●For your requirement a switch can be cut and trimmed to size Got a pressure switch from the auto store for abot $5,
●A pressure switch from the auto store will cost about $5, it is like a black pin about 30mm long and pushes down. You can fitted it to the left hand side of the bay, as it picks up the negative from the body when it screws down this, then goes straight to the LEDs and a negative from the battery completes it.
●These cables are run next to the bonnet hinge, then under the sound deadener, it has other name too.
●You need to solder some short tails for using thin cable to the LEDs in your shed, or you can garage before fixing in place, then one on just crimp to the wiring in the engine bay.
● A necessary to grab some silicon, and gel to both fix the strip to the bonnet, a 3m LED Strip Light on the back you'll need it, meanwhile, remember to cover the led terminals.
●Check if your self adhesive on the LED Strip Light is good. It will not weaken with the heat of the engine. These double glue and sika are concerned.
●No grip for usage, then you can use the silicon gel to fix the LED Strip Light on the corners or anywhere you can think about it.
●To tow the LED strip through, you can buy a roll of clear beverage tube, then sikalex that to the bonnet by using a draw wire.
● To hook a LED Strip Light on a truck. It is under the dash driver and passenger side before connected to the map lights. So when every time you turned one or open the doors that side would light up.
● To install the light, it will hold up fine with the under hood temps. Make sure to clean the under side good with rubbing alcohol and wipe off with a cotton rag. The light are pointing straight down absolutely, make sure it is not on an angle when you attach them. After this you can try to look for the flat spot surface under the hood. Press on them firmly to stick well, using some Black electrical tape to cover the wires on the corners to avoid it comes out, hold them for adhesive settles.
● A GND wire on the switch is to make the light activate. Try to wire it directly short to Ground. You can see a spot near the front of the bonnet. For the radiator when you closed sits. So it won't fall into the engine bay, plus its angled make it perfectly for light direction into the engine bay.

5. Attention:
● I strongly suggest a well protected LED Strip Light with silicone cover for your engine bay illumination. Because it is better than those which are made by rubber or plastic. That cheap LED Strips made by rubber or plastic can be easily burnt out or melt caused by the high working temperature inside the engine bay, for the reaction, firstly there will be a noice, then engine bay, smoke, fuse. Cotton rag To mount LED Strip Light on your engine bay, you must mount on the right place, and fix it very tightly, make sure it won't fall down, or when you turn out the glue, it has loosed, the LED strip light was laying across the hot engine, then a mess for melted all over it. From it this wire got spun all over the place.





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