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Shopping With Us Online

Team of ALLED / 2012-09-22

Dear Customer,

Welcome to ALLED online store, here you can find a wide range of LED products. We strive to launch new products to the market every year. And trying to make every customer satisfied by providing high quality products and extremely good service.

Although our technical department has strived to make our website a friendly website for every visitor, sometimes confusion can not be avoided when surfing the website especially for our first time visitors.
To guarantee that every customer can have a happy shopping experience here, we will give a detailed shopping flow instructions here.

When viewing our home page, you will see a variety of products here. The first thing that may attract you will be our colourful ads. We often advertise the new launched products and our products that are on Sale here. That means, you will always get easy access to our special prices here. So when surfing around our website don't forget to have a look at our ads on the home page.

If you are searching for a light, you can use the Goods Category list on the left hand side of the home page. Just hover over the list and then select which fitting you need. As a light has many uses, for example, a garden light, you can also call it courtesy light, landscape light, accent light and so on. When producing our category, we have tried our best to name our product with the most easy to understand method. So if you are searching for a specific kind of light and have not found it in our category list then please try our Advansed Search bar at the top centre of the Home page.

Please try the search function of the website. If you can't find the light your looking for please change your keyword and try again. If that fails then please shoot us an email or give us a call and one of our friendly team members will find it for you!! 

When you have found the right light, you will go to the shopping flow. After click the Add to cart icon, a dialog box will come up to show you money payable, and tell you that you can either directly go to checkout or continue shopping. If you still want to have other lights, you may click the CONTINUE SHOPPING icon.

Some customer may come across with the checkout problem after that. A customer have told us that, after purchasing a Work Light, he still want to have something at promotion. Then he click the CONTINUE SHOPPING icon, after surfing our website, he thinks a WORK Light can not enough this time, so he want to checkout for the light he just bought, but he can not find his shopping cart any more. Where to continue the checkout process after that.
We believe that it not the individual case. So we want to give a detail flow instruction to handle this situation. After adding a light at your shopping cart, if you still have click the CONTINUE SHOPPING icon, then you find that you no longer need another and want to checkout directly for that light, you can click YOUR CART DESCRIPTION at the top right side of this page. We have add a CART DESCRIPTION near the navigation bar, so just click this, you can go straight to checkout.

When come to the shopping flow, you can see a GOOD LIST shows the detail of goods you have just bought. At this process, you can change the quantity you need or change your shopping cart.
If you want to change the quantity of lights, just enter a new number at the fourth row. Then you need to update the cart. For example, if John has bought one piece of LED Awning Light, then he has gone to the GOOD LIST shows that QUANTITY1. Actually he need 3 pieces of this light. What he need to do is, change the number of 1 to 3, then click the UPDATE THE CART icon. Then he can see that the money payable has been updated too. 

After you confirm your goods list, you will go to the next step of shopping flow. To finish the shopping process, we need the necessary personal information for item delivery. To protect the privacy of our customer, we have design three methods for your personal information input. You can choose the Anonymous checkout method, then you will be direct to the simplified checkout process. At the next step of ANONYMOUS CHECKOUT, you are only required to enter as less as possible personal information to finish the checkout process.
You can also choose to REGISTER, the benefit of this process is, you will get 100 points (equal to a $5 voucher). At the process of REGISTER, you are requirement the verification code, if your first time verification code enter has been failed, please click the verification code to change for another one.

After you enter your information, you will go to the end of the shopping flow, there you need to confirm all the information you have entered in the previous process, if you have spot any thing wrong, click the MODIFY Button at the right side, then you will return to the previous process for revision.
At this process, you also need to choose the shipping method and the payment method. As our website has the points accumulation program, you can offset the money payment with the points you have accumulated. Then the shopping flow will be finished with your payment. And we will arrange the item delivery to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for reading this article, if you still have any question, please click the link here to reach our support community.

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