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LED Technology in Landscape Lighting Applications

ALLED / 2011-08-16


Nowadays, home environment has extended to outdoor space. Garden, lawn, deck have become an integral part of home. People spend large of their idle time there, maybe just for fun, to have a family get together, to have a cup of tea. Under that situation, landscape lighting becomes more and more important.“ We spend so much time and money at decks and gardening, but we can’t enjoy or appreciate what we’re growing if it is not lit properly at night”, says Norm Brown, of Canada’s Norbum Lighting and Bath Centre in Burnaby, BC.


Landscape lighting or garden lighting, refer to the use of outdoor illumination to the private garden or public landscape for the purpose of light up the soundings, for the enhancement and purpose of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports and social and event uses. 


Since ancient time, people have realized the importance of landscape lighting. Firelight from wood, candles, gas lighting have been adopted in the application of landscape lighting. Nowadays, conventional light source have still occupied the market of landscape lighting. Low wattage halogen incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps are two common sources. Halogen incandescent emits a bit yellowish light, while compact fluorescent lamp emit a bit whitish light. Compact fluorescent lamps have the advantage of longer life span, less power consumption in comparison to halogen incandescent. But neither of these two light sources are perfect for landscape lighting.


At the times of energy soaring, searching an energy-efficient light source for landscape lighting has become an emergency. Light Emitting Diode( LED) ranks among the potential light source for outdoor landscape lighting in terms of its durable, directional light , stable, efficient characteristics. 


People’s expectations of a perceived brightness level different from one application to another. At landscape lighting application, people prefer slightly dim light level. Some LED products provides the right level of brightness. LED Deck Light, LED Companion Way Light, for example ,just emit the proper light output which produce less light trespass, less light pollution. LED’s directional light is a plus when it is adopted in landscape application. Traditional fluorescent lamps products light at all direction, a large percentage of light is emitted form lighting equipment, but not used as particular illumination. The spill light not only reduces the light efficiency, but also creates light pollution. In contrary, LED just products directional light to illuminate a particular area, for example, just light up your flowerbed in your garden. 


In exterior environment, landscape light source may come across with harshest condition, a landscape light has to withstand the barrage of sunshine, wind, rain. Especially, in Australia, the strength of ultraviolet is higher than the average level. Excessive exposure will accelerate the yellowing effect. So, the maintain cost and life span have been the main element to consider when choosing a landscape light. LED products have the advantage over other conventional light source for its durable characteristic and long life expectation.

And it is one of element that drives people to adopt LED technology. Besides, many kinds of LED outdoor light has UV resistant lens, LED Square Courtesy Light for example, its UV resistant lens makes it durable in excessive UV exposure.


At present, the high initial cost of LED luminaries is between 3 to 7 times more than equivalent luminaries, which restricts greater market penetration of LED. But considering, the maintain cost in the long term and various of advantage, LED technology really has the potential to become the main light source in landscape application.  



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