12V 42mm LED Festoon Bulb Courtesy/Vehicle/Dome/Trailer Replace Light Cool White

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12V LED Festoon Lights 42mm Cool White

It can be a replaced bulb of the traditional festoon halogen bulb. For replacement of marine or automotive courtesy, interior fittings and cabin dome light, etc. It is super bright, and brighter than normal LED bulbs. Its low power consumption and long life span features make it more and more popular.
The term of 3-SMD on the title only means there are 3 pieces of LED chips on each circuit board.

Interior dome light for your car
•3 super bright 5050 SMD chip LEDs
•Lighting color: cool white
•Operating voltage: 12V DC
•Low power consumption: 0.6W, 0.045A
•Luminous flux: 45 lumens
•Provide direction illumination
•Low heat rating, which reduces lens distortion
•More durable compared to halogen bulbs
•Vibration-proof design
•No filaments to break
•Multi-purpose applications
•Easy installation
•Long life span reaches 50,000 hrs
•Weight: 2g
•Length: 42mm, diameter: 8.4mm



Part No Lighting colour LED Chips Volts Watts Amps Lumens Size
AL313815C Cool White 2 12V 0.6W 0.045A 30lm 31*8.4mm
AL313811C Cool White 3 12V 0.6W 0.045A 45lm 36*8mm
AL313812C Cool White 3 12V 0.6W 0.045A 45lm 42*8.4mm
AL313111C Cool White 6 12V 0.54W 0.04A 36lm 42*15mm
AL313813C Cool White 9 12V 1.8W 0.135A 135lm 42*16.55mm
AL313814C Cool White 9 12V 1.8W 0.135A 135lm 39*16.55mm

1 X LED Festoon Replacement Bulb

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