255/425MM 12v LED Awning Lights RV Boat Marine Yacht Porch Interior Exterior Camping Lamp Dual Colour

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12V DC Waterproof Dual Colour 425MM LED Awning Light

This LED Awning light is the new product of ALLED store in 2023. This dual colour 12v LED Awning Light can be used in all types of Vehicle Motorhome, Caravan, Camper Trailer, Marine, Boat, Yacht with 12volt dc supply as awning light, porch, strip or camping light !!! Special triangle body design is an innovational idea for a more efficient light illumination. It is designed with a 40 degrees downward illumination, so that the lighting can be directed to your activity scope without inefficient light spread. So it is an ideal replacement of your traditional awning light which is with flat angle illumination. Dual Colour mode makes it perfect for outdoor illumination, the amber lighting will keep bugs and mosquitoes away and leave you free from being disturbed. Black painted aluminum housing design enables easy heat dissipation, and ensures its long working life span. Designed with acrylic diffuser, its give you bright white light output

rv-awning-lights.jpg rv-porchlights.jpg
awning light for caravan, activitiy illumination   exterior application of awning light
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC
• Lighting color: cool white/amber
 Cool lighting (6000 - 6500 K)
• Low power consumption: 0.92A, 12.5W
• Luminous flux: 520lm
• Low power consumption:0.38A, 5.1W
• Luminous flux: 130lm
• Lighting angle: 120 degrees
• 40 degree downward for a more efficient light illumination
• Waterproof rating: IP55, resistant to water, dust, moisture ingress
• Surface mount design
• Innovational LED technology, energy efficient
• long life span reaches 50,000hrs
• Dimension: 425mm x 30mm x 40.5mm, two holes distance is 277mm








Part No. Lighting Color Operating Voltage Watts Amps(mA) Lumens Length Waterproof Rate Housing Color
AL13512CP Cool White 12V DC 5.4 400 350 250mm IP55 White
AL13532C Cool White 24V DC 4.8 200 345 250mm IP66 White
AL13522C Cool White 12V DC 5.4 400 350 250mm IP66 Silver
AL13552CP Cool White 12V DC 5.4 400 350 250mm IP55 Black
AL13515CP Cool White 12V DC 11.8 1000 800 550mm IP55 White
AL13535C Cool White 12V DC 10.8 450 760 550mm IP66 White
AL13525C Cool White 12V DC 11.8 1000 800 550mm IP66 Silver
AL13555CP Cool White 12V DC 11.8 1000 800 550mm IP55 Black
AL13712C-W Cool White 12V DC 12.3 920 720 200mm IP65 White
AL13712C-G Cool White 12v DC 12.3 920 720 200mm IP65 Gray
AL13712C-B Cool White 12v DC 12.3 920 720 200mm IP65 Black
AL13712CA-W Cool White/Amber 12V DC 12.3/0.8 920/65 720/50 200mm IP65 White
AL13712CA-G Cool White/Amber 12V DC 12.3/0.8 920/65 720/50 200mm IP65 Gray
AL13712CA-B Cool White/Amber 12v DC 12.3/0.8 920/65 720/50 200mm IP65 Black
AL13502C-B Cool White 12v DC 5.4 400 270 250mm IP65 Black
AL13502A-B Amber 12v DC 5.4 400 / 250mm IP65 Black
AL13504C-B Cool White 12v DC 9.8 730 420 460mm IP65 Black
AL13504A-B Amber 12v DC 9.8 730 / 460mm IP65 Black
AL13552CA-B Cool white/Amber 12v DC 6/3 490/200 260/70 255mm IP55 Black
AL13554CA-B Cool white/Amber 12v DC 12.5/5.1 920/380 520/130 425mm IP55 Black
One piece of LED Awning Light
Mounting screws and plugs
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