220mm Ultra Slim 12v LED Under Cabinet Strip Light Bar With Swipe Sensor Switch

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220mm Ultra Slim 12v LED Under Cabinet Strip Light Bar With Swipe Sensor Switch


This swipe sensor switch cabinet bar light is perfect for placements at caravans or RVs under a kitchen cupboard, drawer or cupboard, where it will provide perfect lighting for the worktop. It comes with a hand swiping sensor which means that you can switch the light ON or OFF by swiping your hand near the sensor. This is a very practical feature for the kitchen as hands are offer covered in food or are wet. The sensor means that the light remains clean and free from germs and dirt, and no more fumbling for light switches in the dark.

Attention: The Light is hard wired, not battery-operated.


  Operating voltage: 12V DC
Low power consumption: 0.43A, 5.5W
Lighting colour: cool white
Luminous flux: 330lm
Shell colour: White
Extremely great light output, excellent light uniformity
Touch-free and on/off function: It detects objects, such as you r hand within a few cms of the sensor on the front of the unit. A quick swipe over the sensor will trun the swich on or off.
Stainless mounting clips
Efficient heat dissipation, aluminum heat sink for long diode life.
Long life span reaches 50,000hrs
Weight: 95g
Length: 220mm, width: 48mm, depth: 9mm





Part No. Shell Color Lighting Color Input Voltage Watts Amps(mA) Lumens
AL13812C-ND White Shell Cool White 12V DC 5.5 430 330
AL13822C-ND Silver Shell Cool White 12V DC 5.5 430 330
AL13852C-ND Black Shell Cool White 12V DC 5.5 430 330


1 piece of 220MM Cool White Ultra Slim 12V LED Strip Light
With Swipe Sensor Switch

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