12V LED Strip Light Camping Tube/Bar Lamp Green Switch Caravan/Cabinet/Boat/RV-150/300/450/600mm

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300mm LED Strip Light Cool White with Two Position Flourescent Switch
This LED Strip Light with a built in switch is famous for its great light output and excellent light uniformity. The highlight is its glow in the dark switch which has a light green glow at night and at the same time it has a two position switch for you to adjust the brightness according to your requirements. This light with energy efficient LED technology makes it an ideal option for the interior of caravans, RVs, and motor-home applications. With the provided mounting clips, you can mount it anywhere, so it can also be used as a camping light. When mounting the light, a ceiling outlet box may be required to Create an airflow gap between the cabinet and fixture which will help heat to escape and extend the life of the fixture.

Attention: The Light is hard wired, not battery-operated.

It is available in 150mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm, you could choose the features of Length & Colour to get them.

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  Camping light   Under cabinet light

45 High quality LEDs
Lighting color: cool white
Luminous flux: 360 lumens
Extremely great light output, excellent light uniformity
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Low power consumption: 2.8/5.6W, 0.21/0.42A
In-built a night visible flourescent switch
Stainless mounting clips
Long life span reaches 50,000hrs
Weight: 64.5g
Length: 300mm, width: 20mm, depth: 20mm





Part NO. Length Lighting Color Operating voltage Watts Amps Lumen
AL13601C 150mm Cool White 12V DC 1.3/2.6 0.1/0.2 70/190
AL13603C 300mm Cool White 12V DC 2.8/5.6 0.21/0.42 170/390
AL13603W 300mm Warm White 12V DC 2.8/5.6 0.21/0.42 150/300
AL13604C 450mm Cool White 12V DC 3/7.4 0.29/0.58 200/520
AL13606C 600mm Cool White 12V DC 3.4/8.6 0.35/0.69 280/630
AL13623C 300mm Cool White 24V DC 2.2/4.8 0.09/0.2 170/390


1  X LED Strip Light
Stainless steel mounting screws and mounting clips

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